The Hollow Crown - Modern English Translations

Sooo, I am seeing a lot of worried notes from people who are unfamiliar with Shakespeare’s history plays that The Hollow Crown will be a nightmare to understand due to the full-on “archaic”  language used.  Others are just watching it for the actors - which is great too (c’mon, who isn’t?) the cast is beyond brilliant- but it would be a shame to not fully understand the context/story lines.

For those interested and can’t find translations in their languages, or like me need a little refresher/help, I found a site that puts Shakespeare’s language and its modern English translation side by side for easy & quick reading. They don’t have one for Richard II but here are the links for the other three:

Henry IV Part i

Henry IV Part ii

Henry V

Ok. Done with my ramblings. Slow curtain. The end.

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